The Dart Editor ships with a Minesweeper-inspired game – Pop, Pop, Win! – that I originally hacked together in late 2012.
About a month ago, I made an open request for a Dart community member to port the Pop, Pop, Win! demo to StageXL – a powerful and flexible 2D graphics library for Dart written by Bernhard Pichler.

Alex Gann stepped up and delivered.
Once Dart v1.4 is released, you'll be able to explorer the source code and run the game from the welcome page of the Dart Editor.

In the mean time, you can browse the source on the GitHub source mirror.

I'm also keeping a running copy of the latest code on this GitHub page.

Alex did a bunch of work to optimize image and audio formats, including turning the audio files into a sprite. The download size of the entire game dropped by over a third: from 1.8MB to 1.1MB.

You'll also notice you can play games of arbitrary complexity – click on the logo for help and to switch difficulty.

Huge thanks to Alex for his hard work.

Huge thanks to Bernhard for the great StageXL package and for helping out Alex with a few feature requests during development.