tl;dr: Do your opining, ranting, lecturing, and quipping on your blog. Drop a link on Google+, Twitter, whatever. Don't grow your content in a walled garden.

I spend my days swimming in a pool of Google's Kool-Aid: Chrome, Dart, Closure Compiler, Plus, Analytics, oh yeah, and Search.

Util today, Google Reader (R.I.P.) was towards the top of that list. I'm now one of many jumping between a handful of want-to-be alternatives with no clear winner. While I'm still not settled on how I'm going to consume blogs, I have come to a conclusion on the production side.

I'm going to blog more -- a lot more.

I have a mountain of love for Google, but in end it's a company with share holders. While my site is set up via Google Apps and Blogger serves my RSS/ATOM feed, I own the domain and the content. I can move it all to Heroku or Azure tomorrow if I wanted.

That's a good thing.

You don't need to create a Google+ account or ignore sponsored tweets for Hydraulic Fracturing to see my rants.

That's also good thing.

So let's take the death of Reader as a call to action.

Let's restart discussions...
  • About ATOM and RSS.
  • About metadata and aggregation.
  • About annotation and reputation.
  • About and and other folks trying to evolve a stagnant space.
See you on the open, aggregated, hyperlinked, distributed, web.