Are you maintaining a legacy applications written in VB6? Windows Forms? Java?
Are you relying on ActiveX and outdated browsers?
Are you unsure how to support new devices, new form factors, and new platforms?

Do you have a Web presence, but lack a Web mindset?

Let's talk.

As a consultant, I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects and platforms.

Big enterprise apps with .NET.
Fun and engaging apps for iOS.

Beautiful games with Javascript and HTML5.

I've had pretty good luck having interesting work find me.

Now I'm turning the tables.

I've learned a lot building frameworks and applications both using enterprise development technologies that target a single platform and open source tools and technologies that target the standards-based Web.

I want to help bring tools and methodologies used by leading-edge companies and startups to organizations that feel stuck and left behind.

Is that you?

Does your an organization want to cross the chasm?

Let's talk.