On October 7, I updated the Bag of Tricks CodePlex site:

Active development for BOT has moved to GitHub.

Don’t Panic! (You can still use Subversion)

I’m super happy folks like using the BOT. I don’t want to stop you.

You can still download the source as a zip. Just click download on the GitHub page.

And you can still use Subversion (SVN). GitHub has done the wonderful work of enabling SVN via HTTP. Point Tortoise (or your other favorite client) at Super easy.

Reason: Git vs SVN

I could rant a long time, but I’ll just point you here:

The short version:

  • Easy to work locally. Which is something you likely won’t comprehend until you do it. Saving a bunch of small changes locally before a big push to the server is really nice.
  • Easy to branch. On the server. Locally. It’s all easy. It’s all scary fast, too. No copying a bunch of identical files.
  • Scary fast. I can’t emphasize this enough. Wow. It’s just really fast. Everything. Pushing, Pulling, Committing, Branching. Amazing.

Reason: GitHub vs CodePlex

  • Faster. GitHub is just way faster. It probably has a lot to do with the benefits of Git.
  • Better Tools. Better for looking at changes, commenting on commits, etc.
  • Way less annoying. I frequently have crazy issues on CodePlex. Commits fail for weird reasons. Updates don’t update everything. I’m sick of it. Never had such problems on GitHub.

Reason: Logistics

  • Rails. I do a lot of work with Rails. The Rails universe is all on Git and GitHub.
  • I think in Git. It’s the tool I love. It’s the tool I use. I want to use it everywhere.
  • I live on GitHub. All of my projects – both open and closed – live on GitHub. I want to have one place to go.

Jump on in. The Git is fine.

It’s more than fine. It’s awesome.