Update: RSVP here.

I love git. Really, really love git. I’ve used SVN and PerForce. They don’t come close.
Some folks here at Office Nomads have asked me to give a talk. I figured I’d open it up to the public.
I’d suggest watching one or both of these videos are prerequisites:
Before you come you should also:
  • Create a free account on github.
  • Install software for your machine:
    • Windows: go with Git Extensions. Pick the 203 “complete” release. Should integrate nicely into Visual Studio, too.
    • Mac:
      • Command line
        • If you use Mac Ports or another package manager, use that to get the latest git (1.7*)
        • Otherwise, install from here. (I use MacPorts, so I have no clue how this works)
      • GUI
    • Linux
      • You don’t need my help…
If you have problems with install, tweet me a help request.