I had a friend ask me if I'd be willing to teach him Rails. I said sure. Then I got to thinking: what would it take? Take a code-savvy person and teach them enough Git and Ruby and ActiveRecord to get them moving.

So I'm going to try it on Friday. Maybe just with Donald, but if anyone else wants to join us on Capitol Hill in Seattle, you're welcome.

  1. Have done some coding.
  2. Have some experience with web sites, HTML, etc.
  3. Have a Mac.
  4. Free on Friday, Dec 18, in the afternoon.
  5. The catch: you must bring proof of at least a $50 donation to the EFF, Creative Commons, or WikiMedia. (If you're in a tight spot, we can talk.)
Drop me an email at ror4aday (at) j832 (dot) com if you're interested. I might do something slightly more formal in January, too.

See you on Friday.