I just realized that I haven't really posted since June.

For all of you still subscribed, I'm glad you're still hopeful I'll be blogging something interesting.

Here's a quick run-down of my (work) life the last couple of months.
  • Hacking a bunch of Ruby on Rails for a soon-to-be-released JFM experience.
  • Loving HAML and SASS for generating HTML and CSS in Rails.
  • Loving Prototype for coding Javascript--completely blown away what one can do with script. Loving blowing off a Flash component because it turns out JS+CSS is perfectly good.
  • Loving my Mac, mostly because it's UNIX.
  • Loving tweaking my bash shell--although considering moving to zsh.
  • Loving MacPorts for OSS installation.
  • Finally understanding and tweaking ipfw firewall settings with WaterRoof.
  • Loving TextMate, although I still need to learn more keyboard shortcuts.
  • Getting darn good at SVN, but really want to start using Git more often.
What I hope to be doing soon.
  • Coding some Silverlight. Maybe some controls?
  • Coding some Python, hopefully for Google App Engine.
  • Coding some stuff for iPhone. Maybe...
  • Moving my blog to a server I control--maybe WordPress--maybe something that runs on Rails. Who knows.
  • Working on some cool projects to improve democracy. Yes, random and vague. Hopefully I'll have more in a few months.
A lot of that will be on the back burner until I'm back from Europe. If any readers are in London, Oslo, Berlin, Munich, Paris or Cardiff, let me know. I'll be around mid-Sept to mid-October.

In the mean time and as always, happy hacking.