A recent discussion with a smart guy reminded me of an article I read years ago. I wanted to think I read it on Joel on Software. I wanted to think it had something to do with "hammer factories".

Google did the rest.

The write-up, Why I Hate Frameworks comes from Joel's discussion group. Written by Benji Smith.

"So, instead, we started selling schematic diagrams for hammer factories, enabling our clients to build their own hammer factories, custom engineered to manufacture only the kinds of hammers that they would actually need."

"Let me guess. You don't sell those anymore."

"Nope. Sure don't. As it turns out, people don't want to build an entire factory just to manufacture a couple of hammers. Leave the factory-building up to the factory-building experts, that's what I always say!!"

Like most good content on the internet, brilliant and hilarious.