90% of the questions I get on the bag-o-tricks fall into one of two buckets.

The first bucket is DatePicker.

While I'd love to take credit (or perhaps blame) for it, I didn't build it.

It was done as a demo by some engineers in a Microsoft office in China.

I have the slightest clue how it is built or how it works (other than I'm pretty sure I'd do a total 180 if I were to try to implement the same functionality.)

I've got a number of bug reports and feature requests. I'm sorry for being quiet on them. DatePicker really doesn't line up with anything I'm playing with at the moment...so I haven't spent much (read "any") time on it.

If anyone has bug fixes or new features, as always, send me me an SVN patch and I'll be happy to get things fixed.

Alternatively, you can always offer to shower me with cash and lavish gifts to dig in on your favorite problem.

I'm not above being bought. :-)


Oh, and it's great being back in Seattle. India was great, but there's no place like home.