Mom, Dad, Kevin

My mother is a lovely woman. So I'm confused as to why Rob dislikes her so much.

Let me back up. Last August (when I was still at my former employer) I did some demos of new features in WPF 3.5 for Channel 9.

I was happy to see Rob reused some of the same demos for his MIX '08 Talk.

When I was watching the Add-In demo, I was surprise to see the data had remained the same--for the most part. My dad--Robert, my brothers--Brian and John, and I were still in the data set.


But my mother--Wynette--replaced by "Web Service". I mean, I know WCF is powerful, but it's a poor replacement for the most wonderful woman in the world--even if she has an uncommon name.

I did find it funny that the last name was left unchanged.


So come on Relyea. Let's hear it. I think I deserve an explanation. :-)