January 12 was my last update to the bag-o-tricks. I couldn’t let two months go by without another refresh. There is a lot of stuff here I've already talked about. The code has been available via SVN for a while, but not in the convenient package.

The Goods

Binaries and Source [zip, 4.17MB]. Tested with Visual C# Express 2008.

The Details

  • VS Copy-to-HTML - New!
    • Blogged about it here.
  • NotifyWorker - New!
    • Blogged about it here.
  • HueConverter - New!
    • Makes it easy to create a pretty spectrum of colors for a number of items
  • Animating Tile Panel
    • Renamed AnimateNewItem property to AnimatesNewItem
    • Made initial load not animate new items
    • Polished the demo code
  • CompositionTargetRenderingListener
    • Added Dispose and used it where appropriate
    • Added WireParentLoadedUnloaded helper method
  • DemoCollection
    • Added Reset command
    • Moved to library assembly
  • Extentions
  • FlipTile3D
    • Moved to WrapperElement<Viewport3D>
  • FolderPicker
    • Moved to new SelectRecursive implementation
  • WPFUtil
    • Added HSB-RGB converter
    • Created ‘Animate’ methods to abstract physics model. Moved FileTile3D, AnimatingTilePanel, and ZapDecorator to these.
  • ZapScroller
    • A lot cleaner. Removed a completely unnecessary layer of complexity.
    • Added the ability to template the buttons. Thanks for the suggestion, Atul.
  • WPF Set
  • General
    • A bunch of renaming of namespaces. Most of the new stuff will exist under J832.Wpf

As always, the SVN location has been updated. Patches are always welcome. (I've had one taker on this. Very cool to do an apply patch. Would love to do it again.)

Enjoy and happy hacking!