Update - 2008-01-06: See this post for new details. Links below have been changed.

In theory, I have so many more important projects to work on. This was one of those ideas that got legs faster than I realized I should be working on something else.

If you haven't heard of Set, check it out company site or the Wikipedia entry.

WPF Set - 2008-01-08

Building the data model was half the fun. This is some of my first code that uses Linq features from .NET 3.5. I'm blown away. Without a doubt as big as generics. Wow!

The UI is super minimal and that was the goal. Get it all working and ponder prettier/sexier things later.

So, if you want to play:

As I've discussed before, you can also take a look at the source on my SVN share using you favorite SVN client.

Future ideas:

  • Add a timer and a notion of players. I think I'd layer this on top of the existing game model to keep things simple and clean.
  • It would be cool to layer a 3D UI on top of the game model, too. I have some crazy ideas based on the Flip3D stuff from the bag-o-tricks.

Hope you enjoy it!

Note 1: Thanks to Karen for the details on making an XBAP project.

Note 2: I'll give a cookie to anyone who sends me an SVN patch that fixes the shapes so they match what's really in the game. (Drop me an email via the link on the right.) 2008-01-08: No cookie for you.

Other bug fixes are always appreciated.