Yesterday (well, early this morning) I posted my first stab at the game Set implemented in WPF.

Amazing what 20 hours of bake time can do.

  • Removed insanely complex and unnecessary optimization that made the code for SetGame.TryPlay almost un-readable.
  • Cleaned up the 'test' mode by removing it. If you build/run DEBUG, you'll get a Test button. If you build/run RELEASE, you won't.
  • Used binding in the WPF app where it makes sense.
  • Added a bunch of caching to the card generation on the WPF side. Re-creating a bunch of brushes and pens is silly.
  • Added a test project: WpfSet_Test to run the data model through its paces.
  • Fixed deployment to actually use Visual Studio Deploy functionality. (Yesterday, I just uploaded the files from the build directory.) If you accessed the XBAP yesterday, please refresh and make sure the title says at least "WPF Set - 2008-01-06" and not "WPF Set - 2008-01-05." If refreshing doesn't move you beyond 2008-01-05, there is something fishy with your application cache. Drop me a line and I'll try to fix it.

The XBAP URL hasn't changed.

I've combined the source and binaries into one zip file [53KB]. I've always thought having dated copies of files was goodness, but then I realized if someone links to the old version, they'll never get updates. I'm going to try to keep an updated read-me in the zip file so folks know what version they've downloaded.

As always, send me an email or a comment if you have questions.

Happy Setting.