Here's a token gift from me to you. An update to the bag-o-tricks. No earth-shattering features, but a bunch of clean-up. I've made everything work under VS 2008 and rolled up a bunch of common files under a 'common' assembly.

I've renamed the assemblies so it's easy to keep track of what comes from me--everything starts with J832.

I've also done some tweaking so that, by default, images are picked up from the users image folder on XP. You can still override this with a command line parameter.

As I hinted to with my post about TortoiseSVN, I've also put all of my code up on an SVN share:

I'll try to make sure that the bits I check-in are at least building, but no promises. If you want to fix any bugs and send me the patch, I'd love to try it out. Promise that it's your own code and that you're willing to license your work under the MIT License. You can find my email address on my blog.

Happy hacking and happy holidays!