Amar was my GPM (manager's manager) in the Longhorn days. (Yes, back when Vista had a lot more managed code and was going to change the world.)

He's one of the stars in the intro video for Google's openSocial. (Look for the Indian guy in the Brazilian soccer jersey.)

I can't wait to start hacking on this stuff.

The last time you may have seen him on video was when he was GPM of the RSS team at Microsoft. (Interviewed by Scoble, none the less. A lot can change in three years, huh?)

Robby is on channel9 again, chatting the goodness of the 'integrator' role in WPF/Silverlight development. He's a main guy at identity mine these days.

Robby and I worked together on the WPF team in the v1 days. The last time you may have seen him on channel9 was with yours truly. Although I'd rather forget the topic. :-)